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Doctor Tom a selectat câteva branduri premium internaționale de nișă pentru tine și copilul tău

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In each of my three pregnancies, I discovered new methods of connecting with my babies and reconnecting with my own body, from thalassotherapy to pre- and post-natal massages.

I developed Skinhaptics 10 years ago. This beautiful brand is the synthesis of my two strong beliefs, science and well-being, in a desire to pass on to mothers and mothers-to-be all the benefits of skin science.

For me, in our increasingly dematerialized and stressful society, it is urgent to bring meaning back to the senses and restore the body to a central place. Well-being and feeling good.

It is urgent to put back the touch at the heart of our lives and those that beat in us.

Sandrine Dahan, biochemist, mum of 3 children, Founder and Director of Skinhaptics Paris, Expert in high end cosmetics, member of the French Society of Cosmetology and FEBEA.

The brand has each year an award with “L’observatoire des Cosmétiques” for the best products for babies and pregnant women.



From Belgium to Romania, Italy, and more, we hope to bring the incredible softness of bamboo to all families. Because we believe that nothing is too soft for the soft skin of those little ones who make the world such a better place, with just the power of one little smile.

In a constant search to help families get the best product and better our way of doing business, we discovered the remarkable properties of bamboo. Not only is bamboo incredibly soft, but thanks to its hollow structure, bamboo is naturally antibacterial and absorbs up to 60% more than regular cotton.

Also, did you know that some of our products are even biodegradable? Soon enough, this became evidence. We started designing the first products by following the trends and listening to the needs of parents just like you who try to do what is best for their little ones. Seeing all these cute faces smiling while wearing one of the Timboo products is the best motivation to keep delivering quality, design, and softness to you.

For the cute one who grew up way too fast, for those still giggling, and all the cute babies coming to bless us, we cannot wait to innovate and create the best baby products altogether. We strongly believe that it is our mission to help our loved ones grow in a safe and durable world because we know their soft little hearts deserve it.

Nathalie and Jan,
Timboo founders


ZAZU was born from the experience with my own children. I have had 3 children in 4 years and one of them was a very difficult sleeper. I got to know first-hand the impact of sleepless nights:

“Having children is very special. It is wonderful to see your little ones develop from cute huggable babies to mini persons making jokes, having endless energy and showing a character of their own! But these same things can make parenting quite challenging as well, while let’s not forget, sweet and funny as they are, at 5 am in the morning for example it feels completely different!

In 2013 I teamed up with Sven, also a parent of 3 with lack of sleep, to create a completely new brand, focused on helping children and their parents to a good night’s sleep. A little more sleep can be so much more fun for both child and parent.

Now 8 years later, we have helped thousands of parents worldwide to get that extra hour of sleep and that makes us so proud!! It is what keeps us motivated to go that extra mile to create unique products that really work! For example, Suzy, a compact sound machine for at home or on-the-go that could play varying soothing sounds including cry sensor, is of great support for many mums and dads (to be). „

Nynke Bakker and Sven van der Veen
ZAZU founders


Ergobaby enlisted the help of medical professionals around the globe, and across several areas of expertise to help scrutinize the products through the development process to make sure to continue to deliver products of the highest quality and standard.

Kit & Kin

Premium performance sustainable nappies
Super soft biodegradable wipes

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Recaro has been doing pioneering work for over 100 years. Traditionally different, fundamentally innovative and always improving.

Unique Selling Proposition for Recaro: safety, history, tradition, passion for quality, ingenious design.

Doctor Tom a creat prima selecție multi brand premium într-un concept de kit pentru bebeluși

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